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5/20/2015 Non-Compete Agreements


Covenant Not to Compete - The Hand that Binds A much anticipated Wisconsin Supreme Court Decision was recently published regarding Employee Covenants Not to Compete.  The case was Runzheimer International LTD. v. David Friedlen and Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc.   The facts brief... Read More

12/4/2014 Why You Probably Need Your Lease Reviewed


I get a lot of calls from landlords and tenants alike, and many of their questions get a simple answer or, more accurately, a simple question – “What does your lease say?” Leases are road maps for landlords and tenants - they are intended to set out the ground rules, letting each ... Read More

9/16/2014 Planning Ahead


The recent events surrounding the burial of Kasey Kasim remains, shows what can happen when there are issues between family members about the funeral arrangement and burial of the decedent.  Wisconsin law allows for a person to handle these matters and to appoint a representative to handle disp... Read More

8/5/2014 The Perfect Estate Plan


PERFECT PLANNING I am often presented with client objectives which are unrealistically specific in the end result.  “If we die, we would like this to happen”.   This is then followed by detailed and many times complex objectives which either are not practical, too complex, too ... Read More

11/6/2012 Fifty Shades of Planning


FIFTY SHADES OF PLANNING In the popular novels of E. L. James, Fifty Shades etc. is there a lesson to be learned other than that many things done more than once become boring, especially trilogy books.  I enjoyed reading Tom Sawyer when a young man, don’t know if I would have found Vo... Read More

10/23/2012 The Tax Cliff - Betting on the Future


THE TAX CLIFF - BETTING ON THE FUTURE The end of the “Bush Tax Cuts”,  as politicians and the press refer to portions of our tax code, takes effect on January 1, 2013 (Tax Cliff).  The hyperbole over the Tax Cliff is increasing in volume as we approach the Tax Cliff.  ... Read More

5/30/2012 Commerce Clause and ObamaCare


COMMERCE CLAUSE The country awaits the United States Supreme Court decision as it relates to “ObamaCare”.  I am not a constitutional scholar.  Neither am I the President of the United States nor a law school constitutional law professor.  With those shortcomings, I am awa... Read More

3/19/2012 Developing an Estate Plan


Protect your Family by Planning Ahead Estate Planning is an important decision for any person to ensure your personal planning decisions are realized and your assets are protected, no matter the size or complexity of your estate. Developing a comprehensive estate plan can help resolve various legal... Read More

Representative Transactions & Case Studies

West Bend Business Acquisitions
We have assisted many business clients in expanding their product line and market share. This is generally accomplished with an Asset Purchase Agreement as opposed to an Entity Agreement, so as to minimize successor liability. The value that we bring to these transactions is the negotiation of the ... More
West Bend Estate Planning Offers Peace of Mind
We have assisted hundreds of clients over the years in establishing basic estate plans. These estate plans include Wills, Durable Powers of Attorney, Living Wills/Health Care Powers of Attorney, and where appropriate Living Trusts to avoid probate proceedings. One size does not fit all. Each client... More

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